10 Ways to Drink More Water


We all hear that we need to be drinking more water. That fact is constantly surrounding us- in health magazines, online, etc. However, we seem to turn a deaf ear to that fact. We get busy, and don’t think to drink water until we are thirsty. Even then, we seem to turn to other alternatives such as soda.

Our bodies are made of 70% water! Every cell in our body is made of water-organs, cells, blood, even our brains! If we don’t drink enough water, our bodies can’t function properly. Drinking more water can make us more alert and have more energy throughout the day.

Here are some ways that might be helpful in helping to hydrate a little more easily.

~ Drink some water as soon as you get up. I used to immediately reach for coffee the moment I got out of bed. When I was trying to get healthier, I tried drinking at least a cup as soon as I hopped out of bed while the coffee is brewing.

~ Maybe drink one cup every hour on the hour. You could set an alarm to remind you. One cup every hour will definitely add up by the end of the day!

~ Every time you come out from the restroom, drink a cup of water. What a good reminder!

~ You could make it a habit to drink water every time you——. You fill in that blank. Could it be while checking emails? Waiting for coffee to brew? Waiting for the kids to get in the car in the morning?

~ Buy yourself a pretty water bottle that you can carry around with you all day. Maybe pink and sparkly? (Or is that just me?)

~ Drink water before your workout, during your workout, and after your workout. What happens when we work out? We sweat, and that is our bodies losing more water. If you want to get the most out your workouts- to go hard and really rock those workouts….make sure you drink your water!

~ Drink water instead of ——. Again, you fill in that blank. I gave up diet soda, and started drinking water instead. With my meals, I realized that I didn’t miss it at all.

~ Sometimes our bodies are telling us that we are hungry. Then we wonder why, because we ate not too long ago. The same part of our brains that tell us that we are hungry, also control our thirst. So we sometimes get our signals crossed. Try drinking a glass of water and wait 20 minutes. If you are still feeling hungry, then it is true hunger.

~ You could try drinking it hot, with some lemon slices. Treat it like a treat, and you might find you really enjoy it.

~ Sometimes we have other ailments that we don’t even think of as being caused by not drinking enough water. Such as constipation and headaches.

Hopefully you will be able to incorporate a few of these ideas into your daily life to help increase you water consumption effortlessly. Watch your energy rise and your skin glow!



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