Month: September 2018

Are You Willing To Do Whatever it Takes?

  Are you willing to do whatever it takes to reach your goals? I know you can be fabulous and rock all your dreams! ❤ Want to connect? 😁 You

Peanut Butter Mocha

  Did someone say peanut butter, chocolate and coffee? Sign me up please! This peanut butter mocha is to die for! <3

Fitness Challenge Group

  I would love to have you join my next fitness challenge group! Are you ready for #motivation and fist bumps? 👊 Then listen to me in my PJ’s with

Gentle Yoga

How about some yoga poses? Yoga is great to incorporate to your fitness routine because it improves muscle tone, flexibility, and your balance. ❤ It also reduces stress because of

Insanity Max 30- cardio challenge

  Just wanted to give this workout a test run before I start the program next week. Really looking forward to it! Are you struggling with your own health and

Jet Fuel For Tired Moms

Don’t have time for breakfast? Walking around like a zombie this morning? Then this recipe is for you! I got a lot done after I tried it- ‪#‎justsaying‬

Honey Nutty Latte

New shakeology recipe! Honey Nutty Latte! This one reminds me of honey nut cheerios; coffee style! 😎☕ This is super yummy! I have totally been loving my energy levels this

21 Day Fix Extreme- Plyo Fix Extreme

  Cardio with weights! Is 30 minutes all you really need for a workout to lose weight and feel great? Would you like help with your weight loss goals and

Creamy Coconut Latte

It’s that time! For another shakeology post! I ❤ anything coconut- so this was AMAZING 😍 I have really been enjoying this journey. It’s only been a week and I

Don’t be Insecure- Love Yourself

We all have them…..insecurities about our bodies: “I’m too fat.” “My butt is too big” “Why can’t I have abs like hers?” I’m guilty of it too! I have stretch