Month: February 2019

Four Delicous Post Workout Meals

What is the best post-workout meal? Simple! One that is designed to restore and rebuild muscle! Here are 4 non-traditional after workout meals to provide all the nutrition you need after you workout sesh!


Chicken with Zoodles
Long ribbons of zucchini twirl around a fork like ramen or soba noodles in this dish that can be eaten hot or cold. Use a spiralizer or vegetable peeler to make zoodles, then quickly sauté them in a pan coated with nonstick spray until just cooked, about 3 minutes. Top with the remaining ingredients and stir to evenly distribute.

1 cup zucchini noodles
4 oz. cooked chicken
½ cup organic edamame, shelled
1 tsp. sesame oil
Chopped fresh ginger, green onions, chili pepper 


Turkey Burger
Instead of hitting the drive-through window, sink your teeth into a juicy, homemade turkey burger patty after your workout.

Season lean ground turkey with salt, pepper, and any herbs or spices from the meal plan’s free foods list, then shape into 4-oz. patties. Grill or broil about 5 minutes per side.


This post-workout meal has:

2 large lettuce leaves
2 slices tomato
1 slice onion
1 (4-oz.) turkey patty
½ cup sweet potato
1 tsp. olive oil


Cottage Cheese Combo
Give cottage cheese a flavor update by combining it with juicy tomatoes, crunchy cucumber slices, and creamy garbanzo beans.

A sprinkling of smoked paprika (or regular paprika or chili powder, if you prefer) adds bold, savory flavor.

This post-workout meal has:

¾ cup cottage cheese (2%)
½ cup garbanzo beans
½ cup cucumber
½ cup cherry tomatoes
1 tsp. olive oil
Dash smoked paprika

Chicken and Egg Bowl
There is no need to question which came first, just which one you will eat first — the chicken or the egg? Both pack lean protein into this light and lovely grain bowl.

We used brown rice, but you can swap in amaranth, barley, quinoa, or another whole grain.

This post-workout meal has:

¾ cup mixed baby greens
¼ cup cherry tomatoes
2 oz. cooked chicken
1 hard-boiled egg
½ cup cooked brown rice
1 tsp. olive oil
1 Tbsp. balsamic vinegar

Cardio Core with 80 Day Obsession


Today was day 3 for the program 80 Day Obsession. So we do cardio and work on our core using sliding disks. I was a little scared for this workout and was wondering when it was going to pop up in the rotation.

Last year I was able to meet Autumn- she is an idol of mine. The 21 Day Fix program came out at a time that I needed to show some love to myself physically. To learn how to incorporate all forms of fitness and learn what to eat- that it isn’t all about calories. So this program and it’s sequel 21 Day Fix Extreme are programs that I will go back to- forever. They are my comfort place and they always feel like I’m going home when I start one. 

So, when given the opportunity to meet her last year- I jumped at it. I wound up doing a workout led by Autumn, as she was just launching her newest program “80 Day Obsession”. We had just celebrated the holiday season and my husband had been able to come home for a few days during his deployment. So- workouts had been a little slack.

During this workout I thought I was going to pass out and vomit- in no particular order.

So- I was a little nervous to try my hand at this workout again today. However, I did just fine.

I am really excited to be giving this program a try because of my love of Autumn Calabrese and the 21 Day Fix Programs. So be sure to follow along for my daily videos and my adventure with this program!

Day 2 of 80 Day Obsession

Hey guys! So, I started the program “80 Day Obsession” yesterday. Today was day 2. My thoughts on the workout are in the video above. I mentioned in the video that I made a few modifications to the exercises. First- let me state that I do like the workout the way it is. I just felt as I was going through it, that I needed a little bit more.

So, here is what I did.

  1. In the beginning I actually put on some ankle weights to help me with the laying down portion and leg work. I feel as though my band was heavy enough, but there was a line between having enough resistance and having enough movement to execute the move in a way to get results. So, I put on my ankle weights and solved that problem.
  2. I also picked up a set of dumbbells for some of the squat and lunge exercises, because I felt that I personally needed them.
  3. I struggled with the “wizard of oz” lunges with the bands, so I substituted walking lunges with dumbbells instead.
  4. Working out with the “booty” bands is different than regular resistance. You really need to focus on the muscle that you are working and use proper form. Then you are really going to notice that those muscles are working. I was concerned this morning that I didn’t get as much of a workout as I would have liked. However, I am feeling those muscles now- hours later. So, I know that looks can be deceiving and I really did get a good workout.

I am really excited to see the results from this program. This will be the first time in a long time that I am doing a program as written- and not by me.