About Me

Hi! I am a certified personal trainer following my dream of helping other women on the fit lifestyle.


My story. I grew up skinny. I never thought about weight. My mom called me “skinny Minnie”. I loved food and ate a lot of it. When we would go out to restaurants, I always based what I wanted to order around how much food there would be. I remember my mom getting so annoyed and telling me to just order what I would like because she didn’t know how much would be coming. I always worried about leaving the restaurant hungry. I would come home from school and devour bagel dogs, hot pockets, chips, etc. I never thought about weight being an issue-my whole family was thin.

I was young when I had my first child. I gained A LOT of weight. Almost 70 pounds. I lost all of it by my six week postpartum check up. Without even trying. That’s just how it was for me. I had two more children and the weight came off as well. It took slightly longer with each-however, I was still able to lose the weight without even trying.


Fast forward a few more years. I was blessed to know that baby number four was on the way! I had a healthy pregnancy and childbirth. I just assumed that the weight that I gained would be coming off just like it had in the past.


Except-this baby didn’t sleep. EVER. She just wanted Mommy. Mommy was tired. I was homeschooling our other three children, so I was a busy mommy. For energy during the day I relied on coffee and food. High calorie, high sugar food. I really didn’t give it much thought, because I had never given that much thought.

When my daughter was two, I got a good look at myself in the mirror. I couldn’t find clothes that fit me. The XXL was too small.


“They must be making clothes so much smaller!”, I would say. I truly just didn’t understand. Then, I found THE DRESS.


I had seen this dress in a magazine and it was available at Wal-Mart. I didn’t have time to try it on at Wal-Mart, but they looked like they ran small. So, I bought the XXXL. Yes, you counted those X’s correctly. I tried it on when I got home-convinced it would be too big. I have never worn that size in my life! It was too small. I couldn’t button the buttons. I was devastated and embarrassed.

I couldn’t take it back because I was too embarrassed to admit that I was “too fat” to be able to wear the biggest size that they had.


I thought that I was destined to be overweight. I had given birth to four kids. I was a mom. Isn’t that what moms look like?


Remember me telling you how exhausted I was? I read in a magazine that exercise will give you energy. I was already using coffee and food-maybe I should try this exercise thing.  So, I bought a Leslie Sansone “walk at home” DVD. Each workout is only fifteen minutes.


“I can do fifteen minutes”, I thought to myself. “No more though, because I don’t have time for that”.



After a couple months of doing these workouts, dailyI noticed something. I decided to try on THE DRESS. The dress fit! I still couldn’t button the top two buttons- but I couldn’t even fit into the dress before! That is where I discovered that exercise will help me to lose weight.


I want that for other moms who feel that this is it. That this is what their life is. Looking at slim women and feeling that twang of jealousy because you obviously are doing something wrong. Everyone can get healthier and lose weight. Sometimes you just need a guide. I wish I had a guide when I started. I learned everything by trial and error. By going to the library week after week and checking out every book on diet and exercise and reading them cover-to-cover. It inspired me to go back to school and pursue my personal training certification. I want to be that guide for other moms.

I would read articles about fitness women competing in bodybuilding competitions. I saw how beautiful, strong, and confident they were.  I wanted all of that so much, but thought that would never be for me. I couldn’t have that. Then I was challenged one day by a supervisor at work.


“What are you doing to reach your goal of competing some day?” he asked.

“Nothing”, I said.

“Then, that isn’t a goal. It’s a wish and will never come true if you don’t work for it.” Ouch. That hurt, but he was right. So, I registered for a competition and started training and never looked back.


In December of 2017, I married my best friend and soul mate. With that came a lot of changes because I married an Army soldier.  Deployments, PCS moves, and CHANGES that were words I didn’t understand before have become a part of my life. I have had to learn how to work on my goals while learning how to be the wife of a soldier.



However, I want women to know that life is about more than JUST workouts and clean eating. I’m going to share a little secret with you also. I don’t ALWAYS eat completely clean. We eat cookies. Pizza is my favorite food group.  My husband has given me the gift of spending the last few months of his special assignment in Central America with him. I have had to learn to make good choices while still enjoying my life and creating memories with him that will last a lifetime.

I love cooking and baking so I am always coming up with some sort of mess in the kitchen. I am a certified coffee addict, but don’t believe I need help-life is too short to give up coffee! Full Disclosure – I even use half and half in my coffee.  Now that you know more about me, I would love to know more about you!

Please grab a cup of coffee and pull up a chair so we can visit for awhile! I’m so glad to have you!