Cardio Core with 80 Day Obsession

  Today was day 3 for the program 80 Day Obsession. So we do cardio and work on our core using sliding disks. I was a little scared for this

Day 2 of 80 Day Obsession

Hey guys! So, I started the program “80 Day Obsession” yesterday. Today was day 2. My thoughts on the workout are in the video above. I mentioned in the video

DIY Yogurt

One of the things people start eating more of when they start out on a healthy journey is yogurt. We all have this idea that yogurt is a healthy food…

Excellent Whole Food Sources for Protein

Today on my podcast, I talked about the importance of protein and it’s role in weight loss.   Protein supplements are everywhere and beneficial to helping us get in all

Ways to Fight Depression

If you follow me on social media, you will know that I have been battling depression and anxiety for over a year, after my husband left for deployment. He is

Meal Prep 101

Instead of just posting my videos here to watch- I’m going to post the link to them for YouTube as well. Please feel free to go watch all my rambling

Simple Protein Pancakes

Pancakes with protein? Yes please! 😍 Kodiac protein pancake mix + egg whites in place of water. Add water to desired consistency. Use 1/4 cup measuring cup and cook at

The Harder the Battle, the Sweeter the Victory

I started working out 8 years ago. I was so unhappy, uncomfortable, and unhealthy. I didn’t start working out for my appearance. I started because I was so miserable, I

Fall things…

Fall things…🎃👻🍂 things I love and things I struggle with. Some of this won’t make sense to some of you……but to others it makes perfect sense. I understand your struggles…and am

Leg Day

Leg day today at the gym! Went heavier on some exercises….so that was exciting! 😁❤