Cardio Core with 80 Day Obsession


Today was day 3 for the program 80 Day Obsession. So we do cardio and work on our core using sliding disks. I was a little scared for this workout and was wondering when it was going to pop up in the rotation.

Last year I was able to meet Autumn- she is an idol of mine. The 21 Day Fix program came out at a time that I needed to show some love to myself physically. To learn how to incorporate all forms of fitness and learn what to eat- that it isn’t all about calories. So this program and it’s sequel 21 Day Fix Extreme are programs that I will go back to- forever. They are my comfort place and they always feel like I’m going home when I start one. 

So, when given the opportunity to meet her last year- I jumped at it. I wound up doing a workout led by Autumn, as she was just launching her newest program “80 Day Obsession”. We had just celebrated the holiday season and my husband had been able to come home for a few days during his deployment. So- workouts had been a little slack.

During this workout I thought I was going to pass out and vomit- in no particular order.

So- I was a little nervous to try my hand at this workout again today. However, I did just fine.

I am really excited to be giving this program a try because of my love of Autumn Calabrese and the 21 Day Fix Programs. So be sure to follow along for my daily videos and my adventure with this program!

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