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Pumpkin Spice Latte Shakeology

        It’s that time of year again. That time when pumpkin flavors everything from crackers to coffee. This is my favorite time of year though, so I

Almond Joy Granola

    I’ve always loved granola…..but the ingredients in the store bought bags left me thinking that it wasn’t all that healthy. So I started making my own. The kids

DIY: Healthy Instant Oatmeal Packets

  Those little oatmeal packets seem so convenient-especially for busy moms! The problem? They are loaded with sugar. AND, if you have kids with hollow legs like I do-one packet

Oatmeal Pancakes

We all love pancakes! My kids adore them as well. I don’t always want to make regular white flour pancakes for them though because there isn’t a lot of nutrients

Healthy Cinnamon Muffin Coffee Creamer

  Print Healthy Cinnamon Muffin Coffee Creamer ~ Fit Mom Adventures This one is especially good during the holidays when cinnamon just calls to you from the cabinet-yelling "bake with

Healthy Almond Joy Coffee Creamer

Ok, everyone who knows me KNOWS that I am a coffee addict. So, coffee creamers have to come in a close second.   Ingredients 1 cup unsweetened cashew milk 1

Healthy Hazelnut Coffee Creamer

French vanilla creamer was my absolute favorite, but I like to have a little variety. So I started experimenting with different flavors and I’m known to have quite a few

Healthy French Vanilla Coffee Creamer

I used to be addicted to French Vanilla Coffee Creamer. It reached the point that I couldn’t have coffee away from home unless is was creamy and vanilla flavored. Only

Easy Overnight Oats

Sometimes making breakfast in the morning is hard. I don’t always have time for cooking. It really is important though to eat a good breakfast because it sets up your

Crust-less Quiche Lorraine

    Print Crust-less Quiche Lorraine ~ Fit Mom Adventures We love quiche. Even my kids LOVE it. I feel fancy when I make it. It feels good to have