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Meal Prep 101

Instead of just posting my videos here to watch- I’m going to post the link to them for YouTube as well. Please feel free to go watch all my rambling

Simple Protein Pancakes

Pancakes with protein? Yes please! 😍 Kodiac protein pancake mix + egg whites in place of water. Add water to desired consistency. Use 1/4 cup measuring cup and cook at

Fall things…

Fall things…🎃👻🍂 things I love and things I struggle with. Some of this won’t make sense to some of you……but to others it makes perfect sense. I understand your struggles…and am

Leg Day

Leg day today at the gym! Went heavier on some exercises….so that was exciting! 😁❤

Daily Workout Post

Chest and tri’s ✅ Arms were on fire- felt amazing ❤❤ I love this shirt because I don’t have to be strong “for a girl”….I can just be strong 💪😁  

Daily Workout Post

Today’s workout- back and shoulders. You know it’s a good workout when you go to write down your weights….and it’s hard to write because your muscles are shaking💪😂 Have a fabulous

Daily Workout Post

Today’s workout- chest and triceps. I tried new (to me) things today in the gym. If we don’t try new things- then we can’t change and grow. Change is scary.

Competition Progress Picture

I had to take some pictures today for accountability and measurements (see? Even trainers have to do it 😂) My daughter wanted me to post this to share my ongoing results

Daily Workout Post

Today was legs… Leg day has become my favorite in the last year. I remember when any lunge/squat was impossible because all those muscles were so weak. Now- it’s so

Daily Workout Post

Happy thanksgiving! I hope everyone has a great day! I had the entire gym to myself for awhile this morning 😍😍😍 it was awesome. Shoulders and abs today 💪😀 my shoulders were actually the