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T-Tapp: “Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes” Book Review

T-Tapp: “Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes” Book Review

I was presented with the opportunity to review the  book “Fit and Fabulous in 15 minutes” by Teresa Tapp to review. The book states that you can lose up to 2 dress sizes in 4 weeks with the method of exercises listed in the book. This program states that it only needs to be done a couple times a week to be effective and get results, especially after doing this program for awhile. The book claims to be safe for people with previous injuries and health conditions.

 “The revolutionary T-Tapp Workout reshapes your body while it fires up your metabolism. All you need is four square feet of space and just 15 minutes a day in order to see a dramatic loss of inches.” ~ taken from the back cover.

The book starts out with the author, Theresa Tapp, explaining how she created this workout. After  tragedy and an accident in high school, she discovered exercises that alleviated her pain. She went on to earn her bachelor of science degree in exercise physiology and worked with cancer treatment patients to help them feel better.

This program starts off with teaching about the correct alignment for your body with posture. I agree that posture and body alignment with proper form doing exercises is extremely important. The program then moves on to the exercises she has designed which she claims need to be performed in a certain order to fatigue larger muscle groups so that the smaller muscle groups can get stronger. There is a lot of details that she goes into regarding posture and alignment that all seems to make sense to me.


The workout program starts about 90 pages into the book. The exercises seem to be basic, simple exercises upon first viewing. However, they seem difficult to understand the mechanics on how to do them properly. There is a “trick” to doing them correctly that seems to be lost in translation to me. A video for me would be easier to follow in my opinion. A DVD does come with the book – however, the DVD is not a workout DVD. There are a few examples that she gives for a few of her exercises. I looked at her website to maybe buy a DVD to follow along with the book and was a little shocked at the price of a single DVD. I did not buy one, as I was unsure if I would want to continue on with this and the price was too hefty for me to warrant buying it just for review. I just believe that the descriptions seem to get muddled while attempting to follow along with the book. However, I am a visual person, so I would feel more comfortable with following a person or DVD. Others might have no problems at all following along with the book.


There is something that Theresa Tapp does in the DVD that came with the book that involved  “putting your organs in place”. It involves physically putting your hands between you hip bones and your organs and “pushing them against gravity” while lying on the floor. This really bothered me, as it does not seem safe for anyone-let alone if you are unsure of the practice. I actually couldn’t find this in the book to go into more detail with it. Perhaps the DVD’s go into more detail with this practice.

Best Way to Start with a T-Tapp Workout!

I have to be honest- I struggled to write this review. I am a certified personal trainer. I am a yoga teacher in training. I adore all things fitness. My collection of workout DVD’s, fitness equipment and fitness/health books could rival any gym or fitness facility. These facts didn’t seem to help me with the exercises in the book. This is frustrating to me because when I first glance at them, it seems to make sense. But upon further review- I struggled with these because I had to keep stopping to read portions again. It makes me wonder how others do who don’t have my training and background.

There seems to be so many that this program has helped. The book is filled with testimonials of people that have lost weight and claim they feel amazing. While I love reading testimonials (I do this for a living, remember? I love watching people get healthy and strong!) I felt as though I was reading a long infomercial. Although, to their credit- they are all real people. No one claimed to have lost 300 pounds in a month and went on to become a sports illustrated swim suit model all due to this program.

The big question. Would I recommend it? I am unsure. I will continue to look at this book. If the DVD ever falls into my lap to view, I will. However, I at this point……… I have to fall into the undecided camp.



Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  I received a free copy of Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes to read and review. I am under no obligation to provide a positive review. The opinions are my own and results may vary. I received no monetary compensation for this review.  

Review P90X: Yoga X

Review P90X: Yoga X


I love yoga. I am studying for my yoga certification and hope to be done in May. That being said, there are a lot of yoga DVD’s that I really DON’T enjoy. This is not one of them. I LOVE this yoga workout. It clocks in at ninety minutes. Yes, you read that correctly, ninety minutes. You could potentially break it down into two 45 minute workouts if you needed to. It isn’t set up that way and I reccomend following it as the way that it is but I know that not everyone has time to plop down ninety minutes to do yoga.


Tony Horton is strong and when you think of him, you think “pull-ups”. Those seem to be his favorite. However, I feel he is very talented in leading yoga. How many times have you done a yoga DVD, only to be in downward-facing dog or another upside down pose and you have no idea what the instructor is trying to instruct you to do? So, you have to stand up to see what in the world they are doing on the video. I never had that one time during this workout. Tony gives very clear and detailed descriptions of what you should be doing and when; how it should feel; modifications if you just aren’t ready for that pose yet.


I love the flow of the first 45 minutes. I love that there are flowing asanas that feel natural and aren’t so fast that the inexperienced has to stand back and say “wait, what?” Then, the next 45 minutes are balance poses. Sometimes it is challenging to hold a pose for the allotted time period. Then at the end, when you think that you don’t have any more to give….there are yoga poses to work your core.


I walked away from that workout feeling like I worked hard. Yet, feeling relaxed. Almost like a wet noodle. I am already looking forward to next Thursdays Yoga X class. Bring it, Tony!

Grabbagreen Smoothie Review

Grabbagreen Smoothie Review

When I see healthy places go up, my excitement level soars. When I see a healthy place right around the corner from my house? I start jumping up and down in excitement and am convinced that place will be my new BFF.

I normally don’t eat out much because 1) I am a budget girl who can be kind of a tightwad. 2) I don’t like to eat junk food all that often.

HOWEVER- I am a normal person who gets busy and forgets to plan ahead. A girl who will be fine one second and so ravenous the next that she is contemplating whether eating her own young in the car with her would be socially accepted- you know, given the circumstances of nearly starving to death.

I also have been making my own smoothies for years because it is easy peasy  to throw everything in a blender and call it a day. Need extra protein? Throw in some powder. Need more greens? Throw in some spinach or kale. Possibilities are endless.  So, I can be a little bit of a smoothie snob when I go somewhere that charges $7 a smoothie when I make the same thing at home for pennies.

However, I have been a Jamba Juice girl for years. Giving in to the high priced smoothies that are bigger than my head because I fell in love the idea of a healthy smoothie on the run, received by a drive through.

So I decided to give this place a try since it is LITERALLY right next to my house.

My oldest daughter and I walked in and were immediately greeted by energetic and cheerful employees. I wanted (needed- I am a super slow order-er to the dismay of my husband every time we go out) a minute to look over the menu to get a handle on what is served. While I was looking over the menu, the employees were extremely helpful in answering any questions I had and offering suggestions based on what I was in the mood for and my likes/dislikes.

I noticed that in addition to smoothies, they also offer a full menu with bowls, wraps, soups, salads, snacks and fresh juices.  Grabbagreen caters to the clean eating lifestyle and promotes that their  Eat Clean menu is preservative-free and GMO free.

The Grabbagreen Difference

Healthy Food, Fast!

Welcome to Grabbagreen, where nothing comes through our doors pre-cooked. Even better, organics make up a healthy portion of our Grabba Grain + Grabba Green signature bowls. Every menu item is made-to-order, each is prepared fresh, and all your proteins are cooked in-house and primarily on the spot – without compromising your time. ~ Grabbagreen

We decided to just order smoothies which only come in one size and sadly- they are not bigger than my head. I wanted something with kale (duh! I am the QUEEN of green smoothies) and carrot juice because I am missing my juicer so much. So I ordered the IMMUNIZATION STATION which consisted of Agave, Banana, Kale, Strawberry, Carrot Juice, and Immune Powder.  My daughter ordered OXIDATION ELIMINATION which consisted of  Acai, Agave, Banana, Blackberry, Blueberry, Spinach, Strawberry, and Green Tea.  My smoothie was delicious and everything I expected.  I tried my daughter’s as well and hers was equally delicious.

Something that piqued my curiosity as well is the Detox.

Grabbadetoxis a healthful way to reboot your body. Ten juices and four elixirs make up this nutrient-dense cleanse which floods your system with the vitamins of over 20 pounds of fruits and vegetables. ~Grabbagreen

You choose how many days you would like to detox for and from there are given a custom designed detox menu.

1. Decide on a 1, 2 or 3 day detox.
2. Choose Simple Green or Super Green
(6-juice plans) for each day.
3. Choose 2 Elixirs for each day.
4. Detoxify!

The verdict and final opinion of Grabbagreen? The frugal girl inside me  cringes at the thought of paying $7 for a small smoothie that I totally always make myself at home. I will concede that if I were to run to McDonald’s to buy myself something I would spend that much, and I do love having the option of buying something that I know I will enjoy, is healthy for me, and I won’t walk away feeling sick later. I definitely want to try some of the other items off the menu and plan on giving reviews of that as well! So, bottom line? I think from start to finish it is a great place.  From cheerful employees to delicious and healthy food, it was an enjoyable experience.

***** I did not receive compensation of any kind for my review****