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Meal Prep 101

Instead of just posting my videos here to watch- I’m going to post the link to them for YouTube as well. Please feel free to go watch all my rambling

Insanity Max 30-Max out power + early no caffeine workout

  Early morning workout…..before coffee! 😱 insanity max 30- month 2…max out power today πŸ’ͺπŸ˜€ have a full day today and wanted to make sure I got my workout in!

Insanity Max 30 month 2- Max out cardio

  Day 1 of month 2 of insanity max 30! πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰ I told you I would be back at it today! πŸ˜‰ Today’s workout was awesome! I’m loving how much

Insanity Max 30 – week 4- tabata strength

Another late workout today. This week has been completely off my normal schedule! It would have been sooooo easy to blow off my workouts! 😬 But you know what? I’m

Do you need a friend for your fitness journey?

  I love the women that I help with their fitness journey. I consider them friends and love to chat with them whenever about anything. It isn’t always about fitness.

2B Mindset Unveiling


Trying New Things and Not Giving Up

My eating disorder and the future

    Join me today as I talk about my time in Honduras and my past with my eating disorder and what I am doing for the future with my

Body Image

Join me today as I talk about body image, being a fitness professional, and learning to be comfortable in my own skin.

Insanity Max 30: week 4 Friday Fight + a rough week vlog

  Today wraps up the harder workouts for month 1 of insanity max 30. πŸ’ͺ😁 Finally feel like I’m nailing some of those moves- and now I’m done with that