Fitness is Trending


There is a new trend on social media. Fitness. Fitness is trending. From workout clothes to after workout smoothies, you can see it all on Instagram.

As a personal trainer, I am excited about this trend. This country is overweight and unhealthy as a whole and I am so excited that eating kale is something that the “in” people are doing.

However, there is a dark side to this trend that I have noticed and it is really concerning me. It concerns me as a personal trainer, a mom, and just being a woman in general. This dark spot has removed the joy from my postings and caused me to post far less than I should for my job and far less than I want to.

Things like #MorningAbs pictures, where you post a bathroom selfie showing… guessed it. Your abs. Because the rest of social media waited all night to see what your abs look like in the morning, right?

Things like selfies laying on the bed in sexy lingerie. To show how your workouts have really improved your backside. Because showing your progress in workout clothes wouldn’t have done your improvements justice. #Gains

I could go on. However, I think you get the idea.

When I started out on my fitness adventure, I was extremely overweight. As I got healthy, it sparked a fascination for all things health and fitness related and the science behind it all. Hence, all the certifications I have been accumulating. As I have progressed in my adventure, I want to help others. I want other women to know that they can be strong, healthy and happy. They can feel confident and sexy with their husbands, because they are happy and confident with their own bodies.

I have seen firsthand in myself the amazing mental changes that can happen on a fitness adventure. I went from the quiet girl who was afraid to speak her mind, to embarking on a whole new life that I never dreamed was possible. I would think to myself in the morning with my workout “if I can do this right now, I can tackle anything that my day throws at me”.  All of that has nothing to do with what my abs looked like this morning or how my behind looks in lace panties.

I struggle because I feel the only way to build a fitness business on social media anymore is to sexualize fitness. What kind of example would I be setting for my daughters, when I tell them that being fit and healthy will make them feel good and create loving vibes in the universe, but post nothing promoting that image?  What kind of example would I be setting for all the women who come to me for fitness help, but have low self esteem because society tells them they are ugly since they aren’t a size two, and I tell them the world is theirs to tackle because they are amazing…. Meanwhile posting pictures only based on my looks or my dress size?

Let’s show the world what beautiful and healthy really looks like. I want to start a new trend. I want us to post #MorningSmiles because we woke up feeling amazing because we have been taking care of ourselves. I want us to post pictures of us glowing because we have been eating amazing food that is making us radiate from the inside out. #GlowingGains

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