How to Choose the Perfect Blush


What is the reason for blush? Blush makes your face glow….it brightens up your face and can even make you look less tired.


There are so many options and colors though. So, how is a girl to choose? How do you know which one is the right one for you?


For starters, you should be aware of your skin tone.  Once you have that down, you’re ready to start working on your blush color.


If you have a chance, look at yourself in the mirror after you go for a run or workout? What color are your cheeks? That is your natural “blush” color.


So, let’s start with ivory and light skin tones. Soft pink is a great choice for you.


Olive skin tones should have a warm undertone. These colors are spice colored. These colors are rich so it shows up and looks amazing on your skin.


Ebony and bronze skin tones should use a color such as apricot because it gives your skin a healthy glow. However, you can be more dramatic with your color choices and use something with a red tone to it for dramatic flair.


The point of blush isn’t to look like a china doll with pink circles, but to give your skin a “glow” that makes you look healthy and alive! So experiment with your options and find the one that makes you look amazing!

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