How To Determine Your Skin Tone

Every single one of us is different. We all have different color eyes and hair. We have different bone structures. Did you know that within our skin color are different skin tones? We all have different undertones to our skin color. We all know how to determine our skin color, but I’m going to show you how to determine your skin’s undertone.

Knowing your skin’s undertones can mean the difference between that red lipstick being the most amazing thing since the birth of your first child to it being thrown directly into the back of the bathroom drawer, not to be pulled out until ten years from now.



  1. Let’s look at your veins. Seriously. Turn your wrist over right now. What color are the veins in your wrist? If they are a blue color, then you are cool toned. Do they appear green? Then you are warm toned. If you can’t tell at all, then you are probably neutral.
  2. What color jewelry looks best on you? Which one makes your skin look amazing? If gold jewelry looks best, then you are a warm. If silver is what makes you shine, then you are a cool. Can’t tell because both look awesome on you? Then you are probably a neutral.
  3. What happens when you go out into the sun? Do you burn like a vampire as soon as the sun touches you? Then you are most likely a cool undertone. Can you sit in the sun for hours and come back rocking an amazing tan without a burn? You are most likely a warm undertone. I don’t recommend going into the sun just to try this, though-let’s all be smart and use sunscreen to avoid turning into beef jerky.
  4. What about eye/hair colors? Black hair, light eyes? Cool undertones. Green or brown eyes? Warm undertones.

Now you’re ready to start playing with the colors of makeup that correspond to your skin tones and look completely amazing!



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