My Fitness Journey Story

Welcome! 😁 I wanted to make a post to introduce myself here on my page, so you know who Fit Mom Adventures IS! 💪😁

I am a mom of 4 who was very overweight after having her fourth baby.🤱🏻 My baby girl never slept and I was exhausted. I used food (mainly candy bars 🍫🍩 and sweets) to get extra energy to make it through my day.

One day I was shopping and saw a dress that I wanted so much. I didn’t have time to try it on, and they looked on the small side. So I bought the largest size that they had without trying it on. When I got home, and tried it…. I realized that it was way too small. I hung it in the back of my closet and cried- too embarrassed to take it back to the store.

A couple months later, I read a magazine article that explained how exercise gives you energy. I was absolutely desperate, because I was utterly exhausted ALL the time. So, I bought a Leslie Sansone Walk at Home video. I committed to 15 minutes a day of this exercise. 💃

After a couple months, I noticed that my clothes fit looser. I tried on the dress and I realized that while it still didn’t fit…… it was looser than it was the last time I tried it on. That was when it clicked for me- that exercise is how you lose weight. I started making better eating decisions and was on my way to a healthier lifestyle.

I realized as I read every book 📚I could get my hands on, that I had a passion for health and fitness so I decided to become a became a certified personal trainer and sport nutrition specialist.

I realized my dream is to help other moms on the road to a fit and healthy lifestyle- from the comfort of their own homes. Showing them that they can do it. That we can be wives and moms, and be fit and healthy. To start the adventure of a fitness journey and never look back.

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