Review P90X: Yoga X


I love yoga. I am studying for my yoga certification and hope to be done in May. That being said, there are a lot of yoga DVD’s that I really DON’T enjoy. This is not one of them. I LOVE this yoga workout. It clocks in at ninety minutes. Yes, you read that correctly, ninety minutes. You could potentially break it down into two 45 minute workouts if you needed to. It isn’t set up that way and I reccomend following it as the way that it is but I know that not everyone has time to plop down ninety minutes to do yoga.


Tony Horton is strong and when you think of him, you think “pull-ups”. Those seem to be his favorite. However, I feel he is very talented in leading yoga. How many times have you done a yoga DVD, only to be in downward-facing dog or another upside down pose and you have no idea what the instructor is trying to instruct you to do? So, you have to stand up to see what in the world they are doing on the video. I never had that one time during this workout. Tony gives very clear and detailed descriptions of what you should be doing and when; how it should feel; modifications if you just aren’t ready for that pose yet.


I love the flow of the first 45 minutes. I love that there are flowing asanas that feel natural and aren’t so fast that the inexperienced has to stand back and say “wait, what?” Then, the next 45 minutes are balance poses. Sometimes it is challenging to hold a pose for the allotted time period. Then at the end, when you think that you don’t have any more to give….there are yoga poses to work your core.


I walked away from that workout feeling like I worked hard. Yet, feeling relaxed. Almost like a wet noodle. I am already looking forward to next Thursdays Yoga X class. Bring it, Tony!

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