Review: Pitaya Juice Bar



While we were in Guatemala there were quite a few food places that we wanted to try while we were there. Pitaya Juice Bar captured our attention from the moment we saw it, and we knew we had to go back to try it. So, on an afternoon with nothing to do but watch TV in the hotel room, we decided to walk over and give it a try.



Pitaya Juice Bar believes in healthy food, low price, 100% natural. unique flavor, unique concept.  The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, along with coffee and fresh juices. 


We loved it from the moment we stepped foot through the doorway. It had a vibe that reminded me of Austin, Texas with it’s urban free and easy atmosphere.

After some agonizing time (on my part) we decided on wraps and fresh juice. In all honesty, it was hard for me to choose because everything sounded delicious!


While we waited for our food we enjoyed the scenery and the beautiful weather while sitting outside while munching on carrot sticks with an amazing dressing. 


We decided to take our food back to the hotel to eat because the rain was going to head our way and we didn’t feel like eating underwater. 😉

We both ordered the Green Detox fresh juice, which was amazing and makes me miss my juicer. (Note to self- purchase new juicer when I get back home). 

The wraps that we bought were really large and packed full. I ordered the Andino wrap filled with red quinoa, avocado, spinach, cheese and a yogurt sauce. Handsome Hubby ordered the Caesar wrap filled with chicken, croutons, caesar dressing, and parmesean cheese. Both were absolutely wonderful and I couldn’t finish mine because it was so large.


Both of the wraps included fried plantains, which is a typical side in central america with most meals. Those are delicious as well, but similar to potato chips- not the healthiest for you…..but when in Rome.


All in all, it was a very pleasant experience! The food was delicious, the place is relaxing and beautiful, and I would love to go again. On my next adventure to Guatemala!

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