This is why I do what I do! 

“Candi is very authentic, compassionate and true to herself and you, as her client. Candi shows up for you not only in her work and what she offers but also in sharing so much of herself with you. She allows you to see her own struggles and triumphs throughout her fitness journey. She works with you to tailor your fitness program and nutrition needs. She takes the time to understand what your goals are, your work/life balance along with your struggles combining them to help you achieve success. Candi is a very genuine person and it is sure to be felt in her approach. She is caring and considerate wanting nothing more than to help you be successful with fitness and nutrition. Candi has a clear understanding of real life and very knowledgeable in her skills as a trainer, coach/mentor, and nutrition specialist. I am truly enjoying fitness and healthy eating again because of her continued support, compassion and loyalty to me. Candi has so much to offer to anyone seeking help in their fitness journey. I can not say enough about her authenticity and genuine soul. She is a true treasure in my life and I highly recommend her.”

~Terressa Cortez


“Knowledgeable about products, proof what she says works. I do recommend her, she’ll stand behind you.”

~Jan McTigue


“She’s helped other moms lose weight and even helped me to get fit ready for military. 💪”

~Raymond Kirkland 


“I met candi when i opened my membership at the gym😊 instantly felt she was an amazing person inside and out, but now to hear her story a bit more shes even more awesome!!! Thanks for inspiring and motivating me all the time girl!!! We couldnt have met at the more perfrct time, timing is eveything!! 🤗”

~Sara Durante Brown


“Awesomeness in Action!!!! Candi can help you get focused and on the right path to a healthier you!!!”

~Charles Chuck Alberson


“After having my son, with Candi’s inspiration I was able to drop 40lbs of baby-weight. I’m almost back to square one now since having my twins and need to lose 25-30lbs. I’m excited to get to know all of you and share this awesome journey together! 💜💪🏼👍🏼”

‎~Lyndsay Anderson