Transformation Tuesday

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Sometimes it’s hard to believe the woman on the left was me.😢 I was so unhappy even though I’m smiling in that picture. I was overweight and uncomfortable-both physically and mentally. I had been thin my whole life. After giving birth to four kids and not taking care of myself, my body started to show the effects. I would not eat because I was too busy. When I did eat, it was whatever happened to be laying around. That might be chips, cookies, or a candy bar. Diet coke and coffee were my favorites. I figured those had to be good for me since there wasn’t any calories, right? It took so much energy to get anything done. I had 4 kids to take care (one of them a baby) and life was exhausting. I didn’t get much sleep at night, so I would use candy and high sugar foods to give me “energy” through the day.


I finally decided to try exercising because I read that it gave you energy. I was desperate. I thought “I can do this for 15 minutes, but that’s all I’m going to give it!” After a few weeks I noticed that I DID have more energy. I was getting more done around the house because I had the energy to get it done. A few weeks after that, my husband noticed that I was smaller when he gave me a hug. That was when a light bulb went off over my head. I realized that if I exercised I would lose weight and have more energy. Up to this point, I really believed that I was overweight because I had three kids and was getting older. I never EVER thought that I would not only lose weight, but be in shape and healthy again.

I started wondering what would happen if I made healthier choices with food? If I chose a baked potato instead of french fries. A side salad instead of potato salad. I started reading books from the library about exercise and healthy eating. It started this fascination with me about being healthy. I was always telling my husband of the things that I learned and discovered. That was when I realized that I wanted to make this a career.

😴 I’m so grateful for the day I decided that I’d had enough and needed to get moving. If you can relate at all to my story, please let know! If you have questions I would love to answer them.

It’s not true that we have to be overweight and exhausted because we are getting older or have kids.


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